Recent Reported Attack on Members of the LGBTQ+ Community

We at Portsmouth Pride would just like to share our disgust and outrage at the recent reported attack of several members of our LGBTQ+ community.

The sad truth is that this is NOT an isolated incident, and statistics from last year showed that 4 in 5 members of the LGBT community had suffered some kind of hate crime. Yet only a quarter these people reported the hate crime they experienced. (

This highlights to us, that now more than ever, we need to stand together and stand strong. It is UNACCEPTABLE for anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation to feel fear in their own community.
We are working closely with Hampshire Lesbian and Gay Liaison Officers to find out what they are doing to keep us safe and if there is anything that we can do to support this.

We send our love and support to those directly and indirectly affected by this recent attack.

Below is a list of various support agencies that can help and give advice if you need it. As well as this, there is a list of Local Mp’s which you can write to, if you feel passionately like us that about this. Change will never happen without the power of the people.

So we ask you, Portsmouth and surrounding areas, will you stand with us and fight against hate crimes and mindless violence?

STAND up, be HEARD and be PROUD of who you are.

Portsmouth Pride



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